Employee Recognition That's Not Costly

Employee Recognition That’s Not Costly

Employee recognition is the practice of expressing thankfulness to staff for excellent performance. The goal of employee recognition is to encourage and reinforce productive performance. Which, in turn, increases business productivity and performance.

Often, leaders and employers don’t provide as much as workers would like. This is because employers and leaders often feel the recognition is expensive and should come in the form of expensive options like:

  • cash bonuses
  • lavish gifts
  • salary increases

This is especially true, right now, with the COVID-19 Pandemic and stressed money-based times which have led to leaders and employers feeling as though they can’t afford to provide employee recognition. Interestingly, employee recognition does not have to be expensive at all. Please read on for four forms of employee recognition that cost virtually nothing.

Employee Recognition – Provide Specific Praise

If you find an employee has achieved highly, identify the particular behaviours that resulted in the high performance and provide honest and clearly stated praise.  Not a simple – “good job”.  But, truly draw their attention to the particular behaviour you would like that employee and others to repeat in the future.  For example: “Blake, when you provide notes in the columns of your report that explain your graphs and charts, this increases the readers understanding.  This reader understanding leads to further sales for the organization.”

Employee Recognition – Get to Know Your Workers Personally

Take every opportunity to get to know your workers personally. Use the information you learn in your employee recognition efforts.  For example, if an employee shares with you that their favourite colour is pink, providing them with a simple thank you note and a package of pink pens will be a meaningful gesture. This will show the worker that you know them and care about them.

Use Your Company Social Media

With the employee’s approval, use your company Social Media pages to recognize employee accomplishments.  Again, be specific about what the employee is being recognized for and share it with your social posts.  The message will reach beyond your team to clients and followers.  The employee will experience the extended reach of the recognition and the public employee recognition reflects well on your organization.

Offer Flexible Scheduling

A flexible work schedule is a benefit desired by many employees.  This desire has increased even more since COVID-19.  This is because many workers have children at home due to school and daycare closures and, if both parents work (or it is a single parent household), finding childcare can be extremely difficult.  Providing a flexible work schedule to high performers can be a form of recognition for their hard work.  And, in addition, it can accommodate employees and their children leisure activities and care while allowing them to work and be productive within the hours that work best for them.

Employee recognition recognizes highly performing employees which in turn increases productivity and business performance.  The above points will provide you with options to express gratitude that are not costly.  If you would like further information on how to develop and employee recognition program, email me at: dawn@knahr.ca or Call Dawn at 306.442.7460 and I will guide you through this process.

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