Fit for Work Case Study

Fit for Work Policy a Case Study About Custom Training

This is how to bring Fit for Work policy to life. Policies can be great tools and guides for organizations if they are in use. For a policy to be of value to an organization, it needs to reflect the organization’s values and culture. But still, a well-written policy does not do the organization any good if it sits on the shelf and collects dust. Above all, the policy needs to be a a part of the day-to-day life of the organization. Training specific to the policy is one way to bring the policy to life. This is because training helps a policy to be 1) known, 2) understood, and 3) consistently applied.

Developing Fit for Work Policy Training

Our client asked us to develop and deliver a custom training session to support their organization’s Fit for Work policy. Firstly, they wanted the policy to be 1) known, 2)understood, and 3) consistently applied. Secondly, they wanted all of their supervisors on the same page. Thirdly, it was important that all of the supervisors had the same understanding of the concept of Fit for Work and the organization’s Fit for Work policy. Fourthly, it was essential that supervisors applied the policy consistently across the organization. And lastly, the organization required that the supervisor’s training be specific to the organization’s policy.

The training focused on some of the key aspects of the policy. For example:

  1. The supervisor determines the employee’s fitness for work.
  2. In conjunction with other assessment procedures, they also had to understand concepts of impairment, drug testing, face-to-face discussions, employee’s self-assessment, and functional fitness.
  3. We discussed legal concepts such as the Duty to Accommodate.
  4. We identified seven simplified points about their role and responsibilities concerning Fit for Work that the supervisors could focus on.

Learning Outcomes Identified

We identified learning outcomes at the beginning of the course. Thus, training focused on taking complex concepts and simplifying them into smaller pieces that the supervisors could take back to work with them.

Considering the Culture

Kn/a HR designed the course and accompanying presentation while considering the organization’s culture. We know that Fit for Work is a serious topic, but the training was interactive, fun, and effective. So, we used humour and interactive learning supports like instant-response technology to keep the attendees engaged.  Round table discussions allowed the participants to share their own experiences and knowledge with each other.  Then we asked them to share their experiences with the larger group.

Kn/a HR’s Goal about Fit for Work Policy Training

In conclusion, Kn/a HR’s goal was to bring the Fit for Work policy alive for the organization and build the supervisor’s capacity.  In the end, the training supported the policy being 1) known, 2) understood, and 3) consistently applied. Feedback after the training session was very positive.

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