HR Investigations

Kn/a HR performs fair, unbiased, thorough, and confidential investigations with trained and experienced investigators that provide professional reports and upon request, recommendations.


Kn/a HR can conduct a confidential third-party investigation to provide a professional and objective process

In most cases when an employee files a complaint, the employer should conduct an investigation. A thorough investigation should also take place when the employer is following up on allegations against its employees. Detailed interviews are the most important aspects of workplace investigations. Interviews can provide a clear understanding of an incident and help employers determine what, if any, disciplinary action should be taken. In addition, investigators may have to locate and examine documents, emails and other evidence, possibly even social media activity as well as voicemails and texts. A fair, responsive resolution builds confidence for both employees and the organization

Kn/a HR Consulting is cognizant of the sensitivity and confidentiality of any potential or complainant situation.

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Types of Investigations:

  • Discrimination based on protected grounds
  • Sexual harassment
  • Workplace harassment and bullying
  • Workplace misconduct
  • Workplace violence
  • Poisoned work environment
  • Social media misconduct
  • Employee behaviour
  • Manager behaviour
  • Policy non-compliance
  • Violations of workplace rules
  • Breach of Code of Conduct including code of conduct for professional associations and memberships.
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Our Highly Efficient and Credible Process

Objectivity & Credibility​

The investigation will be free of any real or perceived bias which will increase the cooperation of witnesses and decrease overlooked evidence and legal liabilities.

Professional Reporting​

The professional report will identify the complaint, methodology of investigation, and evidence supporting or not supporting the complaint.  If requested, recommendation and rationale for recommendations will be provided.

Plan & Action

An investigation plan will be developed and followed.  This plan will include interviews with relevant witnesses, collection of supporting documents, and an on-site visit of where the alleged harassment occurred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your organization will have a policy on Harassment or Respectful workplace. The policy is a good place to start. Ideally, talking to the person you believe has harassed you and trying to address the situation is the best first step. If you cannot or don’t want to, you should talk to your manager, HR, someone of authority, and/or your union or whomever you are directed to in the policy.  If you feel that your employer has not addressed your complaint in a reasonable manner, you also always have the right to contact Occupational Health & Safety with your concern. Other than sharing your complaint with the people listed above within the organization or with OH&S, you should keep the complaint and all matters related to the complaint confidential.

The employer has the responsibility to ensure a safe workplace; thus, it is the employer’s responsibility to look into complaints, and if they will determine if an internal or external investigation is warranted. If an external investigation is required, the employer will hire the investigator. If you are not satisfied with the employer’s response to your allegation, you have the right to contact Occupational Health & Safety with your concerns.

Employers have the responsibility to ensure a safe workplace. This includes a workplace that is free of harassment. If the employer thinks harassment may be occurring, they must look into it, regardless if they have a formal complaint or not.

First, you must remember that a complaint is an allegation of harassment that needs to be explored. What you need to know is each organization will have its own specific process, but throughout this process, you will be given the opportunity to tell your side. What you should do is cooperate with whatever procedure the employer puts in place to handle the complaint.  You should also keep the complaint and matters related to the complaint confidential. Often, the process will allow for a support person. Sometimes, unionized employees get a union representative to be their support person. 

Retaliation for filing a complaint in good faith should not be tolerated by your employer.    Organizations have different levels of understanding and capacity to deal with alleged harassment and resulting complaints. Sometimes it is a learning process for all involved, including the organization. Honest discussion about the situation can go a long way, but it is your right to have a safe workplace, and it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure your workplace is safe; thus, we encourage you to bring your complaint forward so the organization can address it in the most appropriate manner. Remember, you can always go to Occupational Health & Safety with your concern.

Yes, we can investigate alleged breaches of code of conduct or other allegations of inappropriate behaviour. 

Yes, we do investigations where board members, council members, clients, contractors, or customers have been involved.  The employer’s responsibility for providing a safe workplace does not stop at the employees. The employer must ensure it is a safe workplace, and that includes all interactions at the workplace.

Whether you are a witness, complainant (person making the complaint), or respondent (the person whom the complaint is against), you must cooperate in whatever process the organization has initiated to address a harassment complaint, including an investigation. This is listed as a responsibility in the Occupational Health & Safety regulations. Investigators will do their best to keep your information and participation confidential by implementing many measures, including whenever possible, conducting interviews away from the workplace. Participating in the process also allows your information to be heard and considered. Most policies allow for people to have a support person during an investigation interview. If it would help, bring a support person to your investigation interview.

HR Investigations


All parties will be treated with respect during the process and will be given a fair opportunity to present their side.

HR Investigations


A timely investigation supports an immediate response and relevant resolution to the situation.

HR Investigations

Thoroughness & Verification

A thorough investigation of the facts will be performed and substantiated before proceeding.

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